We are premier loan arrangers called Loans For Tenant. We aim to provide the most convenient and economical cash assistance to our borrowers hailing from any part of Australia.

Here is a description of the charges that sometimes, as a borrower, you may have to pay.

Please understand that we do not require you to pay us any application fee. However the lender may ask you to pay some fee towards processing your loan request.

We are fully aware of your tight budget and how essential your unpaid expenses are. Hence, you will not have to pay any money to us for using our online application form or for submitting it online. At no point during the filling or submitting the form, you will be required to make a payment towards our services.

You may have to pay a small sum to some of the lenders associated with Loans For Tenant. However, it will be made clear to you at the outset when we come across such lenders for your cash option. The amount in these cases is very nominal and does not affect the interest of the borrowers at all.

When you are needed to pay some fee to these lenders, you can expect to enjoy certain benefits too. For instance, your credit score may be too low for getting any decent cash assistance.

Some lenders may ask for a fee for accepting your low credit ratings without any fuss and offer you the sum you need immediately.

Similarly, when you have to get approval for a certain amount that you may not get elsewhere, paying a little fee would not hurt you much. You will be able to enjoy financial freedom without delay.

Representative APR Example
You Borrow —$300 You Pay —$372 Representative APR 1223.6% (Variable).